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Premium Car Care Products

SONAX - Premium Car Car Products

SONAX, Germany's premier manufacturer of car care products, was established in 1949 to manufacture silver polish. Early on, they entered the car care market with quality waxes which were distributed across Western Europe. Over the years, SONAX added additional products to meet the needs of their customers. Many of these, including the SONAX Premium Class and SONAX Nano Tech products are now available in North America. AutoWerks of America is proud to be a SONAX authorized retail partner.

SONAX manufactures quality premium car care products that provide optimum maintenance, protection and rejuvenation of vehicle finishes using processes that respect and are in harmony with the environment.

Independent European institutions, including TUV and ADAC, have tested and confirmed the quality of SONAX products again and again. Additionally, SONAX was the official car care product of the 2010 Porsche Club of America Parade and VODAFONE McLAREN MERCEDES endorses and uses SONAX products to care for the finish on their F1 team cars.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes uses SONAX Products   SONAX, the Official Car Care Products of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Compare SONAX waxes and cleaners to your favorite high-end car care products. We, at AutoWerks of America, believe you will find SONAX to be their equal, or better, at a more affordable price.

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AutoWerks of America is your source for Sonax high quality car care products.